A statue commemorating that brave horse Twitt. Unfortunately, being made of papier mache, it has suffered from the weather.
[As requested by Graham McArthur]
[I can't work out how to embed link]


Graham McArthur said...

heehee...great fun. Thanks for doing this. I like it. To embed a link: in your 'new post' pop up box just high light the word you wish to attach the link too and click on the small 'lnk; icon in the top bar to the right of the T icon. Its the one with a small black chain link on a green globe. A pop up window will pop up and ask you to past your link. Easy...have fun, Graham

soulbrush said...

what fun, papier mache out in the open, wow the weather must be excellent around there. wondered how you are, was chatting to mr p last night and he asked about you!

ElizT said...

Thanks, Graham.
And S; I'm here but not doing much drawing. Mostly outside wrestling with the greenery while the sunshine is still here.

soulbrush said...

there's an award for you on my blog.

Ellis Nadler said...

very fine horse

Paul Bommer said...

i love this image
I think all public art should be in papier maché. Or gingerbread.
Twitt's a fab name for a horse. I've worn that moniker myself many times with pride.