The Cake Aisle of Pak'nSave

I will arise and go now
and go to Pak'nSave,
and a carpark find there
close by and in the shade.
Nine muffins will I buy there
a brush for the lavatory,
then read alone when lunch I've made.
I will arise and go now
for always night and day
I hear the checkouts ringing,
trolleys swinging to the door.
While standing in the kitchen
or at the window grey,
I hear it in the dim head's core.


Seems as if

my blog has dwindled, faded, starved, declined, turned up its toes, kicked the bucket, handed in the towel and given up whatever ghost it once had. If there is a resurrection, I'll let you know. Thanks for your company, I still enjoy your sites.


Worse Verse

It seems to me
will never be
if it's to last
it has to be
the past.


A Sail on the Ferry

Someone said that while crossing Cook Strait in stormy weather and surrounded by tourists, the idea came to her that everyone vomits in the same language.

Is it in some retched Esperanto, a thesaurus of Pelorus Sound
with chunder under thunder [or drowned]?
No matter! The view will comfort as you spew the yogurt
and spatter or barf that carafe into the drink.
Tough if haematemesis is your nemesis,
best undo the orange vest
and go below
if you think
you'll throw



What was it like to be you
being young
having me.

How is it where you are now
Where is now
When then you were thinking
How will it be, being her.



Stoop to the step
Perch on the porch
Flick the torch
Or match
If it died.
Latch the latch
attach the catch
Lounge on the lounge in the lounge
And pray
That the prey that that kit cat caught
Has bought it.



Getting slack with posting, and with drawing;
also, other kinds of Life keep happening.